41zero42 Pixel41

PIXEL41 is unigue in the 41 colors creating a wide chromatic palette for an infinite number of design solutions. This collection recalls the most various images & the graphic patterns of the 40s, the videogames of the 80s, Techno music equalizers, the look of Russian swimming pools. Pixel 41 results from the merging of pop & classic combinations, geometric games, monochromatic & abstract patterns, cold & warm tones. The time of colors has come.

The 11,55x11,55cm (5"x5") format gives the chance to interpret this product both as a single tile as well as the piece of an over dimensioned mosaic. The artisanal look of Pixel 41 is given by its basic characteristics, such as the irregularity of the borders, the slightly rounded edges, and the unevenness of the surface. Pixel 41 is to be used anywhere, from wall decoration to floor paving, from interiors to the outdoors. Creating new patterns has never been this much fun and hopefully it will be the same for you.