Acquario Due Calathea

Calathea, explore traditional manufacturing into ceramics to introduce them in a refined, functional & aesthetically pleasing environment. The collection, born from the meeting of craft traditions with nature, has led to a line of relief shapes, whose ribs create extraordinary chiaroscuro to which you can apply infinite possibilities of color.

A wonderful product craftsmanship that, in its reproduction creates new shades of color every time changing for each individual customer. Calathea is a highly evocative scenario. Inspired by the nature it produces a play of light that make up a vision of contemporary & traditional processes. Calathea's studio comes from the plot of leaves in nature & turns into tiles that give perception to the wall of single leaves that together create a mash of various colors.

The production process takes place by pouring liquid earth into plaster molds, which, through a natural drying process, takes on the iconic shape. The gypsum used for the molds comes from the recycling of waste plasterboard recovered in construction.

All the machines operate with energy from renewable sources, moreover the heat lost in the firings is conveyed to help dry the plaster and ceramics. The glazes are all made with water-based dyes, which during the production process are purified and reintroduced into the work cycle.