Ceramica Sant'Agostino Insideart Color

The wall is an expression of your inner landscape. The collection was created as a complement to the previous Insideart series, which is enriched with modern & vibrant colors & nuances. Color frees the space of any architectural hierarchy, making it the protagonist. The experience becomes complete, not limited to a visual plane, but tactile & emotional.

Insideart Color is the collection of coloured resins that enriches the mother collection Insideart, consisting of neutral nuances in shades of grey. The two collections complement each other in terms of colour & design; in fact, Insideart can provide a continuity of effect when combined outdoors with a floor with Insideart Color indoors.

The continuity of the resin effect gives an even deeper sense of spaciousness in neutral colours, giving an elegant and airy look to even the smallest & most articulated rooms.