Ceramica Sant'Agostino Unionstone 2

Unionstone 2 is a collection with enveloping, intense tones that manifest as an expression of a clear & multifaceted language from classic to contemporary style. Olimpia Avorio. Oriental Beige. Cedre Grey. Serpentino. The idea of the Unionstone 2 collection was born as a tribute to stone in its warmest & most intense pulse. Beyond what is grasped at first glance, it is meant to elevate the beauty of material in its primordial characters. It is a collection that comes from a meticulous approach to stone with great attention to detail, which complements the Unionstone matrix collection, enriching it with enveloping nuances & flavors.

The wide range of application possibilities makes Unionstone 2 perfect for giving the project continuity that only a complete collection of finishes & formats can provide. Unionstone 2 is offered in 3 surface finishes: Nat-Plus for interior applications, both floor & wall. Rigato for interior applications, just for walls. Non-slip surface As (9mm) & As 2.0 for exteriors (20mm).