Delconca Progetto 1962

PROGETTO 1962 Porcelain stoneware surfaces inspired by the rediscovery of sketches & colour samples from the Sixties, the period when Ceramica Faetano was founded, in 1962. Years of daring, saturated colours that simultaneously repel and attract each other. The ceramic collection comprises a brick size of 7.5 x 40cm. in eight colours: Topazio, Ciliegia, Canapa, Visone, Terre, Talco, Acqua & Lavagna.

The Topazio colour brick interprets the shades of the sea, varying from blue to the green of the deepest waters. The red Ciliegia colour turns pink on occasion, since the brick’s intensity of colour depends on the light striking it. The collection is completed by five coloured tiles of 20x20 & Origini, a small ceramic tile with colourful splinters of various sizes.