Grespania Ceramica Capitolio

The CAPITOLIO series, inspired by travertine marble, is the perfect option to give rooms a timeless look of unprecedented elegance. The travertine aesthetic evokes an exclusive, refined atmosphere & there's a reason why travertine is a decorative construction material that has remained at the forefront of architectural trends over time. The Capitolio series in porcelain with a natural finish is notable for its delicate bas-relief that draws inspiration from the characteristic surface of this rock, with subtle hollows where it has been worn down by water. This effect, synchronized with the design of each piece, results in a wealth of reliefs that give the series a natural feel. But what really endows the Capitolio series with personality and potency is the combination of its two graphics: Vein & Cross. These are the two cuts with & against the grain, that would be made in a block of travertine marble in a quarry.



Grespania Ceramica Capitolio - Bone
Grespania Ceramica Capitolio - Blanco
Grespania Ceramica Capitolio - Perla