Grespania Ceramica Quebec

The Quebec series is a Technical Throughbody Porcelain, specially designed for high traffic areas, such as:

• Paving for outdoor public spaces  • Transportation centres

• Shopping and leisure centres.        • Hotels and restaurants

• Health and sporting facilities          • Construction of private houses in both indoor & outdoor areas.

Throughbody Porcelain Tiles / Full Body is not glazed, the colour goes through the entire tile body, and it is fully vitrified. This means that any abrasion would reveal an identical surface to the original. Its performance & durability are unbeatable.

It is available in a palette of natural colours (Black, Anthracite, Cement, Grey, Sand, Beige, Taupe) in a 60x60 format and in two thicknesses, 12 and 15mm. Its soft texture, with a subtle relief and R10 B slip resistance, is ideal for any architectural project seeking to create a framework of clean and modern lines.

The fact that the Quebec series is Technical Throughbody Porcelain means that this collection is endowed with exceptional technical qualities, & will continue to look as vibrant as it did on its very first day.