Laminam Calce

Everything begins with one look, a glimpse of everyday life. A plastered wall which becomes the source of inspiration to create a new surface where simplicity & concurrent softness become the distinguishing aesthetic & tactile features. A structure & a texture of the utmost appeal.

The range consists of soft, gentle hues, such as avorio (ivory) & bianco (white), along with decidedly bolder colours such as antracite (anthracite) & nero (black). A nuvolato cloudy look that stems from walls with freshly-applied plaster, a tabula plank that seems to have been made on purpose to give creativity free rein & which proves extremely popular in all the surfaces & sizes offered.

Laminam N+ thickness versions concern sizes consisting of a base slab which is structurally reinforced with a fibreglass mat applied to the back of the slab with dedicated adhesive.