Marca Corona Miniature Cera

Miniature Cera shows colour balance & luminous sophistication in a brick size. A surface that is satiny to the eye & waxy to the touch, rich in colour suggestions & graphic plays: Miniature Cera is the 6x24 cm size proposal that aims to convey an unmistakable sense of cosiness & exclusivity even to the most minimal & essential environments.

The meticulous attention to detail & the reinterpretation of trendy, lively hues results in an elegant combination of bright pigments with a unique charm, perfect for customising a wide variety of furnishing solutions. The shades of this collection were designed to enrich contemporary environments & to be easily combined with other materials & finishes such as woods, metals, stones or marbles, to recreate the perfect harmony & style you desire.

The Miniature Cera ceramic tile collection is perfect for contemporary architecture & furnishing trends, especially for large spaces such as open plans & lofts. Depending on the preferred composition pattern, Miniature Cera offers the possibility to compose different layouts with vertical, horizontal or staggered course or to realise refined textures such as chevron