Marca Corona Miniature Fuoco

The Miniature Fuoco oxidised metal effect tiles are a small size ceramic proposal with an unmistakable personality, ideal for modern & contemporary interior design projects. The surface of the ceramic material enhances the preciousness of the colour components of aged metals: Fuoco is the 6x24 cm size tile series that narrates refined & bold atmospheres, supported by the industrial experience of Marca Corona that skilfully & authentically reworks all the graphic richness and expressiveness of handcrafted oxidised metals on top quality porcelain stoneware.

Miniature Fuoco collection tiles become the undisputed protagonists of projects with porcelain stoneware floor & wall tiles that enhance the expressive power of the metal effect, without affecting functionality and practicality. They are perfect for industrial-chic environments with a contemporary mood or as a point of break in more classic settings, to decorate architectural elements such as niches & fireplaces or to customise different furnishing contexts.