Marca Corona Miniature Soda

Miniature Soda transfers to the world of porcelain stoneware the ancient techniques of artistic craftsmanship of the most skilled glass masters. The rich magic & precious allure of glass worked by skilful craftsmen's hands inspire the ceramic material, which tells of a new expressive power for high visual impact surfaces. The collection uniquely interprets the distinctive delicacy & chromatic depth of glass, reworking it in a modern key in the new 6x24cm brick size, ideal for customising rooms of various dimensions by creating lively plays of colour & original decorative niches on walls.

The handmade effect is rendered even more realistic by the graphic signs, plays of glare & irregularities typical of the highly refined art of glassmaking: each piece in the collection is different from the next, allowing for designs of unique charm & timeless style. All the proposals in this collection belonging to the range of 1741 tiles can be used to create environments with contrasting colours, playing with the combination of the shades themselves or matched with other collections & ceramic effects