Marca Corona Multiforme 1741

MULTIFORME 1741 is a new exploration of the decorative potential of wall tiles expressed through a sophisticated dialogue between the gloss 7 depth of the material, handmade sensitivity & the historicity of an intrinsically versatile size, that is always up-to-date right for this reason. A collection that creates unprecedented connections between craftsmanship & design innovation, reinterpreting retro suggestions with a lively contemporary language with an unmistakable Italian matrix.

For exclusive atmospheres with captivating styled refractions. Eight colours with an intimist accent glow with an extra glossy material made of glass powder grit, conferring surfaces a realistic texture & a vibrant sheen. The effects are made even more vivid & profound by a concave structure with machined corners that restores the unique flavour of handmade imperfections, enhancing the feeling of movement & shine of the whole.