Provenza Karman

KARMAN collection by Provenza interprets the theme of rebirth through the skilful art of restoration. The careful working of monochrome and uniform resin finishing applied to old wood, concrete & ceramic surfaces gives new charm & vitality to the original material. The rediscovery of smooth & decorated ceramic tiles innovatively, intuitively combines the charm of past years with the modern demands of the most sophisticated architecture.

Combining floor & wall tiles with unusual, unexpected details provides a unique, daring effect. The result is an original, dynamic design solution: brickwork, large slabs, majolica tiles.

The Karman collection by Provenza is highly versatile & able to provide an original, vibrant design scheme for any location, indoors or outdoors. Karman 20mm allows users to create outdoor spaces of great beauty, without sacrificing technical performance, in both residential & public contexts. It is the ideal solution for paths, outdoor walkways, industrial & commercial vehicle-resistant floors or raised floors.



Provenza Karman - Avorio
Provenza Karman - Sabbia
Provenza Karman - Cenere
Provenza Karman - Antracite