Provenza Provoak

PROVOAK by Provenza is the collection with irresistible naturalness, beauty & variety, inspired by the different ways in which oak can be finished. Oak wood & its compact vein patterns are the basis for the strikingly natural, beautiful & varied. The different ways in which oak can be finished provide the inspiration for the Provoak style.

Rovere puro :A choice, exquisite timber with elegant, attractive unbroken vein patterns for a product with a reassuring mood in simple, minimalist taste.

Quercia recuperata: Selected salvaged natural oak planks enrich design schemes with a time-worn beauty & give surfaces an impressive personality.

Grigio spazzolato: Brushing leaves the surface soft & silky, in variegated shades of grey, highlighting the oak's natural vein patterns.

Bianco sabbiato: The sanding process bleaches the wood and emphasises its vein patterns, giving a more three-dimensional effect. Perfect for creating splendid contemporary design schemes.

Nero bruciato: The effect of burning with a naked flame gives the oak a particularly dark colour for an even more elegant surface, creating exquisite interiors. The use of specific structures for each type of finish create three-dimensional surfaces.



Provenza Provoak - Bianco Sabbiato
Provenza Provoak - Rovere Puro
Provenza Provoak - Quercia Recuperata
Provenza Provoak - Nero Bruciato