Sergio Savino Forte

FORTE is a collection designed in a mixture of ground natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine & water-based resins. 5 natural colours. Each sheet contains 20 elements of different thickness & level. Perfect for decoration of internal walls in private homes & public buildings, bathrooms, shower cubicles, hammam, kitchens, furnishings like doors, bar counters, interior finishing in the shipbuilding sector.

Where it is necessary to decorate larger environments (meeting rooms, public buildings halls, shops, restaurants, etc.), we have reshaped the philosophy of the third dimension by increasing the sizes of the small mosaic tiles. Their larger size makes the plays of light, enhanced by the volumetry of the third dimension, more perceptible, even at a distance from the point of application the surface of the MACROMOSAICI, has the potential to optimize the sound distribution in the environments where it is used. The not-negligible sound-absorbing nature of the materials used contributes to this end.