Viva Metallica

METALLICA is the new, eclectic collection by Viva. An assortment of large slabs & bricks with all the iridescent daring of metal. The iridescence of mill scale gives the surface a tactile appeal, shaping the light to convey the ever-changing colour effect of the metal sheet.

The metallic effect, in four colours, generates interplays of light and exquisite reflected glints, ideal for defining modern interiors & for avant-garde architectural projects. Metal sheds the chilly image that once restricted it to the industrial mood to enter the eclectic world of living-spaces, designing their character with the aid of iridescent streaks, opalescent gleams & sophisticated colours, from black to slate grey, steel & white.

The collection’s eclecticism reaches its peak with MetalBrick, the 6x24 size tile inspired by the Raku technique, designed for use in high-impact combinations, & amplifying the collection’s metallic characteristics & iridescent gleams. The Brick is available in five different colours - White, Grey, Blue, Green & Black - which match the shades of the Metallica large slabs.



Viva Metallica - Steel White
Viva Metallica - Steel
Viva Metallica - Calamine
Viva Metallica - Dark