ABK Sensi Nuance - White Macaubas

£0.00 /per tile
COLOUR Grey, White
EDGE Rectified
PURPOSE Bathroom/Wet Room, Floors, Kitchen, Swimming Pools, Walls

Elegant colour tones meet the timeless elegance of marble. This is the spirit behind the varieties selected for NUANCE, the latest collection in the SENSI project devoted to the most exclusive& luxurious materials created by nature.

SENSI NUANCE comes in four different finishes. The Soft slabs are complemented by the two new versions Natural, which offers improved slip resistance, Lux 3D in which exclusive 3D Tech technology recreates the unique aesthetics of antique marble and Soft 3D. The new 3D Tech technology allows thick layers of various ceramic materials to be applied in perfect alignment with the underlying graphic designs, which are created digitally with extremely high definition. This revolutionary production process combines material & aesthetic effects to create surfaces with extraordinary sensorial appeal.

The SOFT 3D technology allows to create slabs with an extra smooth finish, enriched with bas-relief effects that enhance the naturalness of the surface. The different density of the raw materials applied in the selected areas, chemically recreates the depths that exactly match the high-resolution digital graphic.

The unique P.TECH technology improves slip resistance while maintaining a pleasant tactile sensation. P.TECH is the result of an innovative production process that combines a meticulous selection of raw materials with the pressing, firing and end-of-line processing stages. Despite their high coefficient of friction, R10 and R11 P.TECH products are easy to clean, making them ideal not only for use on indoor floors but also in wellness & outdoor spaces in public or commercial areas.

*Add 20% extra area, for cutting & damages for larger format tiles (60x60 in size and above).

*120x120 & 120x280cm slabs require a shipping crate which is an additional cost and can hold 18-20 slabs.


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Special Order Shipping

The brands we supply and work with,come from different countries as well as the UK and are what you call “special order items”.

For us to supply these great products and unique collections you need to make sure you order the correct quantity as the items are non-returnable and are not refundable. It can delay your project and add additional cost if you require more of a product further down the line.

Free Collections*

You are more than welcome to collect your good from our collection point at our showroom in Liverpool within 10 days of the goods arriving.Simply let us know when you are coming and between Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

*Please note that shipping charges still apply to get your goods to the showroom from the suppliers but then there is no extra cost to deliver them to your address as you are collecting them,and you must do this within 10 days of your goods arriving otherwise there is storage costs of £2.50 per day. After 28 days we reserve the right to dispose of your order accordingly unless previously agreed by both parties and if no contact is made.

Deliveries to your chosen address

We shall endeavour for all goods to arrive kerbside at the delivery address on the agreed delivery date between the hours of 8:30am –5:00pm. Usually, 1 week before the project begins or when you have help on site for the large format tiles. We use an independent delivery company for which we are not responsible, therefore we cannot guarantee exact delivery times unless booked with the premium services below.


PREMIUM SERVICES (Prices shown exclude VAT)
 Timed/Pre-booked Specified 08:00 - 17:00 Additional cost £25.00 per consignment
AM Delivery 08:00 - 12:00 Additional cost £15.00 per consignment
Saturday AM 08:30 - 12:00 Additional cost £45.00 per consignment


What Are Kerbside Deliveries?

Kerbside deliveries refer to when pallets/crates are delivered to the nearest kerbside at the specified address. Our drivers or vehicles are not insured to take the goods onto private property, so kerbside deliveries are the only way to deliver to residential homes.

How Do Kerbside Deliveries Work?

Our drivers will position their vehicle as close as possible to the delivery address. Any pallets placed onto our system or that you have ordered will be unloaded safely from the vehicle and left in a safe spot on or at the kerb, keeping the pallet secure for you to unload.Working within health and safety guidelines (including social distancing) to ensure the safety of the driver, customer and the general public, our drivers are not able to assist you with transporting the items from kerbside to other locations.


Guidelines for Kerbside Deliveries

For clarity, here are some guidelines for our kerbside deliveries, to make it easier to understand how we deliver.

You must make us aware of any access restrictions or difficulties for a large vehicle. We can request a smaller vehicle if we are informed prior to delivery.


You must make us aware of any access restrictions or difficulties for a large vehicle. We can request a smaller vehicle if we are informed prior to delivery.

*The delivery driver may contact you approximately 30 minutes prior to arrival at your address via telephone

  • Once delivered to the delivery point, you will need to make sure there is sufficient help to move the products ordered as the driver will not be able to assist with this.

  • If you are receiving large format slab then you will need at least 3 people present to accept the delivery or a forklift truck, this is due to some of the larger crates not being able to be removed from the vehicle with a pallet truck. You should already have been advised if a forklift or extra labour will be required.

  • It is a requirement to visually check porcelain slabs when the crate is delivered, the slabs are checked before they leave our warehouse so any damages incurred during transport within the UK must be logged for All The Shapes Tile and Co to claim for replacements. The visual check is carried out by removing the outer plastic and looking along all 4 sides of the slabs/palles.

    If any slabs/pallets appear to be damaged, then photographic evidence should be taken and sent to us immediately and within 48 hours of the delivery being accepted. This will also help us to organise replacements in asswift manner as possible so as not to delay your project.

  • Due to the nature of these slabs, when they break you can see this along the sides. Therefore, All the Shapes Tile and Co cannot accept responsibility for any broken slabs not reported straight away and with photographic evidence to

  • Our drivers can stay on site for up to 10 minutes to ensure you are happy with the products received. If delivery notes are signed unchecked, all rights may be waived, and any additional re-delivery costs will be charged a fee of £25 per pallet.

  • Due to Covid-19, we are still making contactless and paperless deliveries, including signature capture; once delivered, we will take a picture of the location they have been placed and the driver will ask for a name to place on the POD.

By working together, we can ensure that every delivery is seamless and a positive experience. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, as well as following our procedures correctly to guarantee safe and efficient deliveries, so we hope we can collaborate to make your kerbside delivery as stress-free as possible.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate in contacting us today.

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